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Forum Software / Message Board Software: Guide to Software for ...
AEF,Advanced Electron Forum: Simple bulletin board software. Free. Developer: . Dr. B's Virtual Message Board Tool: Very inexpensive. The user interface .

BBS history
CBBS kindles a revolution in electronic communication. Virtual bulletin boards begin popping up around the country; they are given the generic name BBS, .

Understanding College Students' Electronic Bulletin Board ... - ERIC
Title: Virtual Discussion: Understanding College Students' Electronic Bulletin Board Use. Full-Text Availability Options: More Info: Help | Help Movie Tutorial .

Hackers - The Missing BBS Files - CommuniTree
Let's look at some of the earliest electronic virtual communities. This kinship chart shows the origins of the first computer bulletin boards (BBSs) that supported .

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Electronic Bulletin Boards Law & Legal Definition
Electronic bulletin boards (also known as message boards or as computer . badmouthing everyone and everything in "virtual" sightand they do so from .

Outlook Express & Newsgroups
Jan 9, 2012 . Well, a newsgroup is an electronic version of it. . There are tens of thousands of virtual bulletin boards, also known as newsgroups, on almost .

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  • What Is a Newsgroup? |
    A newsgroup is a virtual discussion forum or electronic bulletin board system that is found on Usenet. Today, there are hundreds upon hundreds of newsgroups .

    - Tammi Poyner (Bush) (Panama City, FL)

D Definition, Antecedents, and Outcomes of Successful Virtual ...
Virtual communities have also become quite com- mon in social interactions. Many neighborhoods have developed listservs as well as electronic bulletin boards .