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sql - Selecting COUNT from different criteria on a table - Stack ...
This is the typical solution. Use a case statement to break out the different conditions. If a record meets it gets a 1 else a 0. Then do a SUM on the .

sql - display count on same field based on different criteria from ...
Say my table has only 2 fields: Id and color . id color ---------- 1 Green 2 . select ( select COUNT(color) from MyTable where color='Green') as .

SQL get number of entries satisfying different conditions - Stack ...
Aug 25, 2010 . the goal is to retrieve the number of users in one table which have: field EXPIREDATE > CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as nUsersActive; field .

sql - How to count 2 different data in one query - Stack Overflow
How to count 2 different data in one query . DB is in SQL Server 2005. . T-SQL 2005: Counting All Rows and Rows Meeting Criteria .

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SQL: COUNT Function
You can use the DISTINCT clause within the COUNT function. For example, the SQL statement below returns the number of unique departments where at least .

SQL COUNT() Function
SQL COUNT(DISTINCT column_name) Syntax . Now we want to count the number of unique customers in the "Orders" table. We use the following SQL .

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  • Counting Values in a Database Table with the SQL COUNT Function
    The COUNT() function in SQL allows you to count database records based upon a variety of criteria. You can use it to count all records in a table, count unique .

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SQL - Accurately show how many rows an UPDATE statement is going ...
Feb 9, 2010 . SQL - How to get an accurate count of the rows potentially affected by an . with the same joins/criteria could have different row counts.