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This convention is entirely a matter of aesthetics and formatting practicality; a rarely used wide-formatted periodic table inserts the lanthanide and actinide series .

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In the periodic table of the elements, elements are arranged in a series of rows ( or periods) so that those with similar properties appear in vertical columns.

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<a href="">echo Periodic Table of Elements: Sorted by Series (</a> - . Elements & Periodic Table: Lanthanide Series
Lanthanide series of elements in the periodic table When you look at the periodic table you will see two rows that kind of sit off to the bottom. One of those rows is .

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Actinide series of elements in the periodic table There are two rows under the table. The Lanthanide and Actinide series. The Lanthanide series can be found .

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Jan 18, 2011 . Several chemical series correspond exactly to periodic table groups: this is not a coincidence, the physical properties that group them arise .

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  • Activity Series of Metals - Predicting the Reactivity of Metals
    The activity series is a chart of metals listed in order of declining relative reactivity . The top metals are . Zinc Facts - Periodic Table of the Elements · Anne Marie .

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A video instructional series for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; . The development and arrangement of the periodic table of elements is .