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Ruby:Read a Text File - Progzoo
Nov 24, 2009 . Ruby:Top Ten Tips . You can open a text file and read each line. This code iterates . In this example all lines are read into array a. We print .

Mike Chaliy: Read all lines of the file with Java, Ruby and C#
Sep 7, 2009 . Compare how to read all lines of the text file with Ruby, Java and C#.

Ruby - Convert File to String - Stack Overflow
Sep 25, 2008 . file ="path-to-file.tar.gz") contents = "" file.each {|line| . First, you should open the file as a binary file, then you can read the entire file .

File Contents
datafile is a file or IO object datafile.readlines.each { |line| line.chomp! size . whole_file = #----------------------------- # ruby -040 -e 'word = gets; puts " First word is . Read all lines into an array. lines ='to_randomize.txt'). collect .

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File Access
source =, "r") # open file "path" for reading only sink . No problem with Ruby since the filename doesn't contain characters with # special meaning; . idx, ";", line end # print all the lines in every file passed via command line that .

Ruby: The Basics of Reading a File
Dec 19, 2005 . This howto covers the basics of reading a text file in Ruby. . Each example reads a file and prints the file along with the line numbers for that .

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Basic Input and Output - Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic ...
Reading and Writing Files. The same methods that we've been using for ``simple'' I/O are available for all file objects. So, gets reads a line from standard input, .