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It was one of the first permanent (non-wooden) theatres in Rome. . falling into disrepair, it became a quarry for the stone that had made up the large theatre.

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Feb 4, 2009 . Rome's first stone theater, built by Pompey in 55 B.C., was crowned by a temple. . he might have built a temple whose steps served as a theater and . 8 For the excavations see H. Jordan, Topographie der Stadt Rom in .*.html

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Aug 21, 2010 . The new Athenian theatre was built on a very large scale, and appears . In 55 B.C., Cn. Pompey built the first stone theatre at Rome near the Campus Martius. . Roms. IV p520, &c.). C. Curio built in 50 B.C. two magnificent .*/Theatrum.html

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Originally theaters were constructed of wood and therefore often destroyed by fires. The first stone theater was constructed in 55 B.C. by Pompey, not far from the .

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Its first rows of seats, which were of wood, were made under Tarquin I. (Liv.,i. . The first stone theatre in Rome was that built by Pompey, 56-52 B. C.; it contained a temple to Venus Victrix, . 4 Nibby, Circo di Caracallax 1825; Canina, Rom.

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Theatrum Pompei(i) The Theatre of Pompey, Rome's first stone theatre, . of predominantly wooden theatres which had previously been built temporarily for . 17), A. sided with Porsenna in opposition to Rome (Dion. Hal. Ant. Rom. 5,21,3 ).

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  • Theatrum Pompei(i) - Brill Reference
    The Theatre of Pompey, Rome's first stone theatre, interrupted a long sequence of predominantly wooden theatres which had previously been built temporarily for . Theatrum Pompei(i) Das Pompeius-Theater, das erste Steintheater Roms, .

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rom the early. 1880's on, rumors . used as a print shop since R. D. Knapp built it to house the offices of the. Katonah . 3 19-21 Edgemont Road (M) housed Katonah's first reading room, established by . The stone entrance vestibule is a later . built in 1918 and housed Katonah's last motion picture theater. In the era of .