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Ray Charles Heroin Addiction Addict Drug
Ray Charles and his drug addiction to heroin are featured including his stint in rehab and quitting cold turkey.

The Death of Ray Charles
Ray Charles came into this world as Ray Charles Robinson from Albany, GA, and he left it as . accounts was a terrific guy, but his womanizing, drinking and drug use were legendary. Ray had struggled with heroin addiction for two decades.

Ray Charles Story of His Heroin Addiction and Recovery
But fortunately, Ray Charles drug addiction did not land him hard jail time, but a stint at as Southern California drug rehab center and attempt to kick the habit.

Ray Charles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Charles, then 31, stated that he had been a drug . By 1964 Charles's drug addiction caught up with him and .

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How many years was Ray Charles addicted to heroin?
How many years was Ray Charles addicted to heroin - trivia question . By 1964 Charles's drug addiction caught up with him and he was .

Ray Charles The movie, the legend, and the ... - All About Addiction
Sep 14, 2010 . It is a powerful statement about the insidious strength of drug addiction. After getting out of rehab, Ray Charles stayed clean for the remainder of .

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  • The My Hero Project - Ray Charles
    May 16, 2005 . Ray Charles was no exception. He was a full blown heroin addict and battled with his addiction for many, many years. After hearing his son call .

    - Tammi Poyner (Bush) (Panama City, FL)

Ray Movie: The story of Ray Charles Robinson and his life ...
The movie chronicles the life of legendary musician, Ray Charles Robinson, as he struggles through life with drug addiction and relationship problems while .