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These statistics raise some interesting questions. While the majority of kids who play video games don't become addicted, what does it say about our culture .

Videogame Statistics
Let's have a look at some statistics about the proliferation of video games and the distribution of this population segment. Of that 65% of the US population, 18-49 .

Video Games Don't Cause Children to be Violent - US News and ...
May 10, 2010 . The myth that video games cause violent behavior is undermined by scientific research and common sense. According to FBI statistics, youth .

Statistics - Kids Math Videos, Games and Lessons that Make ...
Statistics - Kids math videos, lessons, quizzes and games for K-12 grade school kids that make learning fun and interesting.

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The Video Game Revolution: "Eight Myths About Video Games ...
According to federal crime statistics, the rate of juvenile violent crime in the . While most American kids do play video games, the center of the video game .

Media Violence-Video Games
Fact Sheets and Statistics. Children and Teens are Major Consumers of Adult- Rated Video Games · Violence and the ESRB Ratings · Violent Video Games: .

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70 percent of restricted video games, and 100 percent of music with explicit content warning labels were being marketed to children under 17. 2. By the time .