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Really nice (3-6) 2-5 bebop licks - The Jazz Guitar Forum
Check Steve Neff's website; he's a sax teacher but he sells books/pdf with names like 'Best 2-5-1 patterns'; they're some of the best collections .

Free Jazz Guitar Lessons Online | Learn How To Play Jazz Guitar ...
Free online jazz guitar lessons covering topics like scales, chords, modes, . arpeggios and patterns, jazz styles, guitar technique, how to improvise over..., . Learn how to improvise over the most common jazz chord progression: the 2 5 1.

Playing Over Half Diminished Chords - Jazz Guitar Online
13 Guitar scales, arpeggios and substitutions to play over half diminished . We'll take a 2 5 1 in A minor as an example: . Tabs for half diminished pattern .

Jazz Guitar Lesson: 1-6-2-5 Comping Style
1-6-2-5 Comping Style by Guy Fenocchi is a video lesson on playing jazz rhythm guitar. You will learn the chords for a 1-6-2-5 progression that can be used as .

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Free Jazz Guitar Lesson: Intro to 2-5-1 Chords
Intro to 2-5-1 Chords by Guy Fenocchi is a free video guitar lesson for jazz guitar. . Guy will teach you the chords, strumming patterns and techniques that create .

Jazz guitar ii-V-I (two-five-one) Jazz Pattern explained.wmv - YouTube
May 3, 2010 . From his book,: A Rock Guitarist's Gateway to Jazz - Play Jazz with Just . . In the begining the 2 5 1 is a g , c and? f , but what exactly are they ?

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Effectively Practicing with Circle of Fifths Patterns | Hear and Play ...
They follow the classic circle of fifths pattern and will not only help you to memorize the pattern from which we get 5-1, 2-5-1, 6-2-5-1, and other progressions, but .