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Using intact nerve to bridge peripheral nerve defects: an alternative ...
To create the intact nerve bridge a 1-cm segment of the peroneal nerve is resected . wet weight of the tibialis anterior muscle, and histologic examination.

The normal and pathologic MRI appearance of the tibialis anterior ...
The normal and pathologic MRI appearance of the tibialis anterior proximal motor branch. . may be caused by pathologies involving selectively the TA motor nerve branches. . Studies; Tibial Nerve/anatomy & histology*; Tibial Nerve/pathology*

A previously unreported variation related to the insertion of the tibialis
. to the insertion of the tibialis anterior muscle and the superficial fibular ( peroneal) nerve. . Adult; Ankle/anatomy & histology*; Ankle/physiology; Cadaver .

The clinical and histological findings are discussed. . was detected at one point in the tibialis anterior. Nerve conduction times in the right median, ulnar and .

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Experimental alcoholic neuropathy in the rat: Histological and ...
Summary. Peripheral nerves and myoneural junctions of the tibialis anterior muscle of the rat were studied histologically and electrophysiotogically after various .

Accelerated recovery from peripheral nerve injury in experimental ...
It should be noted that in the normal tibialis anterior of the rat, prepared in the . Histological examination of the sciatic nerves revealed the presence, dis tal to .

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Published in Panama City News Herald on April 6, 2012
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  • Anatomic survey of the common fibular nerve and its branching ...
    motor branches to the fibularis longus and the fibularis brevis muscles, and b) the deep fibular nerve (DFN), which innervates the tibialis anterior, extensor digito- .

    - Tammi Poyner (Bush) (Panama City, FL)

of peripheral nerves in "dying back" axonal neuropathies was discussed in the . tibialis anterior muscle and of motor units in the tibialis anterior muscle itself. . MONKTON, G., and Nmn, T. (1969) A correlation of histology and amino acid .