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R/Rmetrics Workshop Singapore 2010 | Rmetrics
Stefano Iacus, An R framework for Simulation and Inference of Stochastic Differential Equations . Diethelm Wrtz, Postmodern Approaches to Portfolio Design .

Contents - The R Project for Statistical Computing
Borcz Marcelina, Bala Piotr: Integration of R environment with the Grid . . . . . . . . 24 . Ritz Christian, Streibig Jens Carl: Dose-response modelling using R . . . Wuertz Diethelm, Chalabi Yohan, Ellis Andrew, Hanf Martin: Portfolio Analysis and .

useR! 2009: Abstracts and Slides - The R Project for Statistical ...
. sorted by author. Click [A] for abstracts or [S] for slides. [A] [S]

useR! 2004: Abstracts - The R Project for Statistical Computing
Edward Debevec and Eric Rexstad, Creating Online R Functions with deliveR . John Gavin, Portfolio modelling of operational losses [slides] . Christian Ritz and Jens C. Streibig, Bioassay analysis using R . Diethelm Wuertz, Rmetrics - An Environment for Teaching Financial Engineering and Computational Finance .

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useR! 2004: Program - The R Project for Statistical Computing
Doing Customer Intelligence with R . John Fox Getting Started with the R Commander: A Basic-Statistics Graphical User Interface to R . Christian Ritz and Jens C. Streibig . Portfolio modelling of operational losses [slides] . Diethelm Wuertz .

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Published in Panama City News Herald on April 6, 2012
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  • Research January 2009 | Asymptotix
    Diethelm Wuertz provides a handy overview of the current state-of-the-art in portfolio optimization in R in a recent posting on the r-sig-finance mailing list. . As Diethelm Wuertz explains, the package can calculate: Mean-Variance portfolio optimization with a quadratic objective and . by Christian Ritz and Jens Carl Streibig .

    - Tammi Poyner (Bush) (Panama City, FL)

Vintage Poster Inventory - | International Poster Gallery
. "Maturity" - Woman with Man in Braids - Postcard with Handwriting by Mucha, Alphonse . (55 Days At Peking) by Casaro, R. 5th Corps Horse Show by Artist Unknown . by Savignac, Raymond · Arman - Accumulations Renault by Diethelm, Walter . Dall'Alaska al Polonord (from Ricordi portfolio) by Hohenstein, Adolfo .