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CMS Manual System
The ESRD clinical laboratory test identified with modifiers CD, CE or CF may . divide by the sum of all line items with a CD, CE or CF modifier for the same .

MLN Matters Number: MM6683
use of the ESRD 50/50 rule modifiers CD, CE, and CF. The payment of certain ESRD laboratory services performed by an independent laboratory is included in .

CMS Manual System
Oct 30, 2009 . a claim regardless of whether CD, CE, or CF modifier is used, the claim shall be returned . C. one of the 50/50 rule modifiers (CD, CE, or CF) .

CMS Manual System
Sum all AMCC tests with a CD modifier and divide the sum of all tests with a. CD, CE, and CF modifier for the same beneficiary and provider for any given date of .

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Medicare Part B Medicare Newsline May 2010
Physicians, providers, and suppliers billing AMCC ESRD-related tests to Medicare must report CD, CE, or. CF modifiers for each test. If at least one of the three .

ESRD Related Laboratory Billing Cheat Sheet
72X bill unless the standard frequency is exceeded. Service is paid in base rate. Place on. 72X bill with CF modifier. Place on. 72X bill. (CD, CE or. CF modifier .

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  • Coding Modifiers Table
    identified with modifier CD, CE, or CF cannot be billed as organ or disease panels. However, KMAP has determined it would be appropriate for modifiers CD , CE .

    - Tammi Poyner (Bush) (Panama City, FL)

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viscosity modifier (VM) and/or VI improvers this problem can possibly be . Economical viscosity modifier . Can be used in place of CD, CE, CF,-4, CG-4 and .