can allergies cause tic disorders

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Foods to Avoid for TIC Disorder |
Choosing the right foods to eat can help manage tic disorders in some people. . Testing for food allergies can help to pinpoint possible causes of tics. Often, an .

Dr. Stephen Wangen: The Gluten Free Doctor: Tic Disorder and ...
This page has moved to a new address. Tic Disorder and Dairy Allergy, Patient Story.

Food Allergy : Allergy Center
Nov 18, 2007 . Food allergens can also cause or aggravate neurologic tic disorders and Attention Deficit Disorder as well as Allergic Tension Fatigue .

Finding Triggers for Tics: Tourette Syndrome - Free Article
For the first time, natural treatments for tic disorders are reviewed and explained in a . For example, milk causes a Mmm-mm vocal sound in Don. . Someone can have a genetic predisposition to develop allergic reactions, but, as everyone .

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Tics are...................... - Pediatric Psychiatry Pamphlets
Usually if a person develops a tic disorder, motor tics appear before vocal . A lot of blinking tics can give people a headache, make them nauseated, and be the cause of . She was in fact allergic to ragweed and cats, but they didn't own a cat.

Diet For Kids With Tics | LIVESTRONG.COM
Nov 29, 2010 . While not all tics can be treated with diet, those caused by allergy or a vitamin deficiency can be stopped by removing offending foods from your . Allergies can lead to motor tics in some children. . Neurological Tic Disorders .

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Tourette's Syndrome and Tics The Dana Guide - Dana Foundation
The cause of TS is still unknown, but most people with the disorder appear to have inherited it. . ADHD and OCD commonly accompany tics in TS, as do such other . wrongly attribute their symptoms to such things as habits, allergies, asthma, .