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Ada Home 1997-06 -- Article: Ada Can Do It!
In Ada 83, this required use of packed bit arrays and unchecked conversion between the array type and integer. (This still .

Ada95 Lovelace Tutorial Section 17.6 - Other Ada Capabilities
Modular types don't need to be powers of two, but if they are the Ada compiler will select especially efficient operations to implement them. Bit manipulation .

Bitwise operations - Rosetta Code
Mar 14, 2012 . The following program performs all required operations and prints the resulting values in base 2 for easy checking of the bit values. with Ada.

UAV Communications: Integrating a Real-World Scenario with ...
Ada bit manipulation. GUI widget updates. LRU history tracking. Extra Credit. Early Turn-In. Early Turn-In. Early Turn-In / Add'l Req't. Additional Requirement .

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Real-time Ada software experiments
Aug 6, 2002 . USAF/MCAIR Ada-based integrated control system , aerospace control , bit manipulation , compilation , data typing , floating point data .

G N U _ M U L T I P L E _ P R E C I S I O N . Z -- -- -- -- S ...
. Ada language binding to the GNU Multiple Precision library (GMP) . Starting with Starting_Bit, search towards more significant bits -- until a zero bit is found.

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Published in Panama City News Herald on April 6, 2012
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  • Teaching new tricks to an old dog (C++ -->Ada) - Bytes
    >[/color] On the contrary, Ada is frequently used for low level bit manipulation. Ada was designed to be used in safety-critical hard real-time embedded systems.

    - Tammi Poyner (Bush) (Panama City, FL)

A Closer Look at Instruction Set Architectures
and Ada available, should we be concerned with machine instructions? . 16- or 32-bit words and is not byte-addressable, it is difficult to access a single . Bit manipulation instructions are used for setting and resetting individual bits (or .